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The Dr. Phillips Chamber was created to bring together local business owners, representatives, clubs, charities, residents, and all those interested in doing business and enhancing the overall quality of life in the Orlando-Dr. Phillips –Metrowest area.

Our mission is to help promote and support local businesses, representatives, community organizations through education, information, events, marketing, and business development.

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Make new business contacts
and network with business owners
from the Orlando and Dr. Phillips community.


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Business Advice

Business Advice

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Business Directory

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Increase your business relationships and partnerships.

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orlando chamber of commerce


Make New Business Contacts
Networking Opportunities
Attend Educational Seminars
Promote Your Business
Have Access to Exclusive Information and Advice
Take Advantage of Promotions & Savings Exclusively for Our Members
Meet Decision-Makers in Your Community

The Dr. Phillips Orlando Chamber of Commerce

 The Dr. Phillips Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that represents the business community in the Dr. Phillips area of Orlando, Florida. The Chamber is dedicated to promoting economic development and supporting the businesses in the community. The Chamber also works to improve the quality of life in the Dr. Phillips area through its involvement in civic and community affairs.

If you’re looking for a way to get involved in your community and connect with other local businesses, the Dr. Phillips Orlando Chamber of Commerce is a great option. Membership gives you access to networking events, educational programs and resources, and opportunities to advocate for the business community.

As a member of the chamber, you’ll be able to take advantage of exclusive discounts and Member-to-Member Deals from other chamber members. You’ll also be able to promote your own business through the chamber’s website and e-newsletter.

The chamber is always working on initiatives to improve the business climate in Dr. Phillips, and as a member, you can have a voice in these decisions. If you’re interested in joining an organization that cares about its members and the community, the Dr. Phillips Chamber of Commerce is the right choice for you.

Why join us when looking for an Orlando chamber of commerce?

When looking to join a Chamber of Commerce in Orlando, you need to know that Dr. Phillips is one of the richest and most business-oriented neighborhoods. Located just southwest of downtown Orlando, Dr. Phillips is home to some of the city’s wealthiest residents and most successful businesses. The area is known for its luxury homes and high-end shopping, as well as its many corporate offices and businesses. Dr. Phillips is a bustling community in the heart of Orlando, Florida. The area is home to numerous top attractions, including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld. In addition to being a popular tourist destination, Dr. Phillips is also a thriving business community. The Dr. Phillips Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest and most active chambers in the Orlando area. The chamber works to promote and support local businesses through networking, advocacy, and educational opportunities. The Dr. Phillips Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit membership organization that serves as the voice of business in Orange County, Florida. The Chamber is committed to promoting economic growth and prosperity for the Dr. Phillips community. The Dr. Phillips Chamber of Commerce is a group of local businesses that advocate for the interests of its members and the business community in Dr. Phillips, FL. The Chamber works to promote economic development and connectivity in the area and provides resources and networking opportunities for businesses of all sizes. As the voice of business in Dr. Phillips, the Chamber is committed to making the community a great place to live, work, and do business.

The Dr. Phillips Chamber of Commerce, located in Orlando, Florida, is a membership-based organization that works to promote and support local businesses. The Chamber offers a variety of programs and services designed to help businesses grow and succeed, including networking opportunities, educational resources, and advocacy at the local, state, and federal levels. In addition to its work on behalf of businesses, the Chamber also hosts community events throughout the year that bring residents together and showcase all that the Dr. Phillips community has to offer. throughout the year that bring residents together and showcase all that the Dr. Phillips community has to offer.

What are the benefits of joining a chamber of commerce?

Joining a chamber of commerce in Orlando can be beneficial for both large and small businesses. A chamber of commerce is a business network that helps to promote economic growth, development, and collaboration in the local community. This type of organization provides numerous benefits to its members, including increased visibility and access to networking opportunities.

Businesses that join a chamber of commerce gain access to powerful marketing tools. They are also able to take advantage of exclusive discounts on products and services from other businesses within the same chamber. Furthermore, members benefit from educational programs offered by the organization which provides valuable information about current trends in their industry.

Chamber members have the opportunity to build relationships with other businesses in their area and expand their customer base. Through these connections, they may find new customers or partners who can help them succeed professionally.

For businesses of all sizes, joining a chamber of commerce can offer numerous benefits. The Dr. Phillips Chamber of Commerce provides an opportunity for business owners to connect with local customers and other businesses in the area. By joining the chamber, members will gain access to exclusive resources and industry-specific programs that can help their businesses grow and succeed.

The Dr. Phillips Chamber of Commerce offers its members many ways to increase visibility, such as networking events, referrals from fellow chamber members, direct marketing opportunities, and advertising campaigns. Members also benefit from the expertise and experience of the staff at the Chamber who are dedicated to helping locals succeed in their business endeavors. Additionally, members also receive discounts on products or services that can help make running a business more efficient and cost-effective.

Why your business should join the local chamber of commerce?

Joining a chamber of commerce in Orlando is an excellent way for businesses to stay connected and grow. Chambers of commerce are organizations made up of local business owners and individuals who share common interests and goals. By joining the chamber, businesses can find additional resources for success and gain access to exclusive benefits that cannot be found anywhere else.

Chambers of commerce provide members with a variety of networking opportunities such as monthly meetings, educational training sessions, business social events, and more. These invaluable connections often lead to mutually beneficial collaborations between members that can generate further growth for everyone involved. Additionally, many chambers offer access to reduced insurance rates, discounts on services from other members, and marketing programs designed to help spread the word about their member’s products or services.

Networking events

chamber of commerce in orlando

Networking events are an invaluable tool for businesses and entrepreneurs to meet other professionals in their field, exchange ideas, and build relationships. The Chamber of Commerce is one of the best organizations to join for networking opportunities. By becoming a member, you can take advantage of regular events that the Chamber hosts throughout the year.

At these events, business owners have the chance to engage with like-minded people in a professional environment. You will learn about industry trends while making beneficial connections that can be used to advance your career goals or grow your business. Throughout the year, members also have access to exclusive benefits such as free webinars and social media support to help them make valuable contacts even when they cannot attend an event in person.

The Chamber of Commerce is committed to helping businesses reach their potential through excellent networking resources that are designed specifically for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Meet other local business owners and future clients

Are you looking to meet local businesses in your area? Your local Chamber of Commerce is the perfect place to start! The Chamber of Commerce has been around for centuries, providing business owners and entrepreneurs with access to a wide network of resources. Not only do they provide a platform for networking and collaboration, but they are also dedicated to providing their members with the latest information on industry trends and news.

The Chamber of Commerce can help you make connections with local business owners and professionals in your community. They host regular events, such as mixers, seminars, and workshops that allow members to connect with one another and share ideas. By joining the Chamber of Commerce, you can gain knowledge from experienced professionals in the field while building relationships with other members. Additionally, being part of this organization allows you access to exclusive deals that can help grow your business.

Family atmosphere

The family atmosphere is an important part of any community, and the local chamber of commerce plays a key role in fostering it. This can be done through various activities that promote family togetherness and community involvement. From family-friendly events to educational programs, the chamber strives to create a safe and nurturing environment for families to enjoy.

Our local chamber of commerce in Orlando works with businesses, schools, and other organizations to plan activities that bring people together as a community. These events often feature hands-on activities for children, discussions on parenting topics, or even pool parties in the summertime months. Additionally, members can take advantage of networking opportunities at the monthly meetings or participate in volunteer work around the area.

The goal is to build relationships between families while creating a sense of belonging within the community.

What are you waiting for? Join today

Are you a local business owner looking for ways to get your name out there in the community? Joining your local chamber of commerce in Orlando is an amazing way to do just that! The Chamber of Commerce offers members exclusive access to resources and opportunities, such as networking events, marketing initiatives, and educational seminars.

Why wait any longer? Join today and make your mark in the local business market. Through membership with the Chamber of Commerce, you’ll have a chance to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs in your area and learn from their experiences. You’ll also get access to invaluable resources that can help you grow your business. From news alerts about upcoming events to message boards connecting members with potential partners, joining the Chamber of Commerce has never been easier or more exciting!

When looking to join an Orlando chamber of commerce, Dr. Phillips has everything that you need.

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